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Anima Mentis
Anima Mentis

Concept, Experience and Interface Design, Illustrations

Mobile App (iOS / Android)
Anima Mentis founded the first fitness center for mental strength with its core value to help people master stressful situations by using a variety of accompanied digitized treatments.
The challenge was to provide the users more personalized treatment plans to achieve better mental health results.
We developed a mobile app exclusive for Anima Mentis customers. Users journal "moments" and the app recognizes patterns. Therefore psychologists and therapists can plan their treatments more effectively.
mobile screen showing a welcoming of the onboarding tour
mobile screen showing the default home tab including a motivational card with a quote
mobile screen showing a slider to select the mood
mobile screen showing the selection of some situation related selectors
mobile screen showing a moment detail card
mobile screen showing an active customer plan
Lovely illustrations enhance the usability, emotional appeal, and elegance of the interface. In this way, customers are quickly engaging with the app. 
illustration of a woman waving the hand
illustration of a hand with smartwatch
illustration of a woman pointing on a plus
illustration showing a woman tabbing on multiple cards
illustration of a person thinking surrounded by many questionmarks
illustration of a mobile phone showing a wifi disabled icon
To design the app most accessible for all users, we decided to develop it using dynamic type. This means the device’s font size presets automatically overrides the default font size of the app. So every smallest component needed to be created fully responsive.
two screens showing the usage of dynamic type within the app
Detailed feature flows helped to understand all the steps and decisions a user needs to make to walk through the app. We understood all the screens and states that needed to be considered in the process. This also speeds up the development handoff.
flow of the welcome tourcomponent library showing various overrides