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Nina Heumayer
Nina Heumayer

Corporate Identity, Website, Development

Identity, Website
Each person goes their own way of life, and brings their subjective experiences and burdens with them. In recognition of these, painstaking care is required that couldn’t be more individual. Nina Heumayer is an exceptional clinical and health psychologist with her focus on systematic family therapy.

A simple, reserved design caters to the individual personality of each viewer. To symbolize the exchange, communication, and support a speech bubble was chosen. The personal relationship is underlined through the hand-drawn characteristic of it.
primary logo
small logo
The warm ocher tones of the practice room are also used as the new identity colors, thanks to their psychologically calming effect. The new typeface DM Sans shares the same characteristics due to its low-contrast geometric style.
Individual sections are visually separated by the use of different ui components, which form a uniform look because each component follows shared global rules.
screenshot of entire page
mobile screen showing the teaser image of the website including the work scope and contact details
mobile screen showing one field of work
mobile screen showing the offer including an illustration with pricing model
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