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Runtastic Results

Experience and Interface Design

Mobile App (iOS / Android), Wear OS App
Runtastic Results (today: Adidas Training) is a bodyweight-only workout app helping people taking care of their health by providing quick workouts. The app includes hundreds of exercises and standalone workouts, several personalized training plans, and a health and nutrition guide. The designs helped to reach many of the company’s goals. 
Looking at data, we identified that one of the problems was that many users install the app but only open it once.

To solve this we wanted to engage people from the start. We decided to do a quick questionnaire, followed by a 7-day free premium trial. This helped us, to customize every workout to the user’s fitness level.
mobile screen showing a questionnaire
mobile screen showing an upselling for a 7-day-trial
mobile screen showing an overview of workout types
mobile screen showing an exercise
mobile screen showing a training plan view
component library and the organized path of a specific symbol
Creating the Runtastic Results WearOS app we were successfully featured in the Android Excellence Apps, noteworthy for adopting the latest Android features.
The WearOS app was launched in 15 languages, including Chinese, Russian and Dutch, as well as providing an ambient mode to save battery.
android wear2.0 flow
two wear os screens showing default exercise status
two wear os screens in ambient mode
two wear os screens showing usage in different languages