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Energie Burgenland, backbone.one


Experience and Interface Design

Web App
SonnenAbo is a platform provided by backbone.one for the initiative weiterdenker.at with its goal of creating a climate-neutral Burgenland. The web application allows all Burgenland’s residents to get their electricity supply from sustainable solar energy and thus to make a contribution to climate protection.

In order to guarantee them a good switch, the configurator should immediately show the positive attributes so that the decision is made easy.
Enterpage of wunschhaus.at
Enterpage of wunschhaus.at
We set the focus on direct feedback within the panel selection and work with unmistakable ui patterns, direct tariff integration, synchronous price display, and bonus points.
desktop screenshot showing a form to fill out
mobile screen showing the configurator to choose panels
mobile screen showing the details of the selected panels and tarifinfos
mobile screen showing some positiv info
“A person’s Self is the sum of all that she can call hers”
↳ William James (The Principles of Psychology, 1890) [gender!]
portrait of a woman
image of a solar park. a customized ui element is pointing at one panel

Creative Direction
Kat Seferlis