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H²O Soulbottle

Concept, Product Illustration

Packaging Design
Soulbottles is a Berlin-based startup with its goal of using glass bottles to reduce the impact of plastic on our planet. One euro per bottle is donated to a drinking water project in the third world.

Supporting this project has been a goal of mine for quite some time. The idea; pushing the aspect of water even further.
photography of the bottle from the top, and nice light reflections in the surface
close up of the bottle’s print
Due to the bottle’s very straight cylindrical shape, the self-imposed challenge came to achieve a nice effect with the refraction of light by looking through the water. After calculating the distortion, the designable area became smaller and smaller, so a minimalist style became handy to achieve the greatest effect.
“You have to see through the water to understand that it connects.”
photography of the bottle
gif showing the bottle rotating
artistic photography of the bottle showing the optical illusion effect
close up of the bottles quote: "du musst Wasser durchschauen um zu verstehen, dass es verbindet"
artistic photography of the bottle